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We offer a range of activities to match individual interests, comfort levels, and availability.

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Activist Afternoons

It’s 2024! So GAI is joining forces with other local, grassroots organizations to offer a way for people to focus on actions. It’s an important year, and our strength is in our numbers. All are welcome!

Next Activist Afternoon: Sunday Aug 11

Meetings & Events

We organize a variety of in-person events and virtual meetings so members can meet candidates, learn about urgent issues from experts, or simply work on actions in a social setting.

Bring a friend!


Why postcards?

  • Effective - Hand-written postcards are read by the recipient and have been proven to work.

  • Convenient - You can pick up packets at several locations around town or at any of our meetings.

  • Fun - You can complete the postcards with friends, join us for postcarding, or do them at home in front of the tv.

Door Knocking

Why knock on doors?

Most people don’t want to knock on doors, but it is proven time and time again that nothing is as effective as a one-on-one conversation with a voter.

And similar to phone calls, we support canvassing that is carefully curated and simply requires we provide information.

Phone Calls

Why call people on the phone?

  • Effective - Second only to canvassing, phone banking works.

  • Helpful - We choose campaigns that are about providing information, you don’t need to change anyone’s mind. People appreciate the call.

  • Anonymous - Your phone number is protected.


Why text banking?

  • The easiest, fastest way to reach the most people

  • Anonymous and safe

  • We provide the training and set-up


Why donate?

If you’re short on time but still want to make an impact, there are a number of organizations and candidates who need your contributions, including us.


Why protest?

  • Show of force - Make an issue too big to ignore, e.g. BLM, March for Our Lives, Women’s March

  • Show of support - Make it visible to people driving by that they are not alone

  • Inform - e.g. Remind people to vote

  • Vent - Sometimes when you feel helpless, standing on a corner with a sign can make you feel like you did something.


Check out our Listen, Watch, Read list of podcasts, shows, movies and books our members are tapping into to keep learning about these complex issues.

And if you have something that should be added - let us know!

Suggest an Action

We welcome your input! Please click here to contribute your ideas, or email us at (indivisible.andover@gmail.com).

Anyone can be an activist. No experience is necessary.

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