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Here are some recommended books, articles, shows, movies and podcasts.

Learning is Activism

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  • Podcasts

    • “The Daily” New York Times daily podcast (topic: current events)

    • “Ultra” a limited podcast series by Rachel Maddow (topic: sedition during WW2)

    • “Harvard Thinking,” where the life of the mind meets everyday life by Harvard University


  • TV Shows & Series

  • Movies

    • Suppressed documentary on the Fight to Vote (topic: election integrity, channel: YouTube)

    • Kiss the Ground a Cure for Climate Change (topic: climate change, channel: Netflix)

    • The Janes the story of an underground service for abortions before they were legal (topic: abortion, channel: HBO)


Banned Books

In recent years there have been record-shattering numbers of book challenges in public and school libraries. Many of the titles being targeted are written for young people and feature LGBTQ+ voices and people of color.

Resist book bans where you find them, and read and make those books available when you can.

Orgs to support:

American Library Association and Pen America

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