Phone Banking

Second only to canvassing, phone banking is an incredibly effective way to get-out-the-vote.

Current Phone Banking Campaigns

Join our phone banking opportunities:

  • New Hampshire - Sign up for phonebanks, multiple dates and times

  • Pennsylvania - Phone bank to recruit voter protection volunteers (Zoom)

  • Maine - Sign up for poll watching, hotline, and phone banking here.

  • Join Field Team 6 Phonebanks to register voters in Georgia, Tuesdays 3-5 PM.

  • With Environmental Voter Project - Sign up for August Phone Banks mobilizing voters in FL, NH & GA

  • Pennsylvania - Women-to-Women phone banks, Wednesdays 6-8

Phone Banking Basics

  • Phone banking is done through an application or platform, so your number is not exposed.

  • It is completely anonymous and safe, the recipients don’t know your name or phone number.

  • We train all newcomers and welcome all experienced phone bankers as well.

It’s easier than you think - give it a try!

Submit Your Ideas

About phone-banking, or anything else …

We welcome your input! Please click here to contribute your ideas, or email us at (

Anyone can be an activist. No experience is necessary.

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