Contributions are a great way to resist when you’re short on time and energy.

Maximum Impact

Donating is Activism! And you can do it anywhere, any time. Our partners have shared how to donate such that you maximize the impact of your dollars:

  • EARLY dollars are 8x more impactful than contributions close to an election.

  • SMALL donations are powerful - Our partner groups work like mutual funds for political contributions, aggregating lots of small donations into large, game-changing contributions.

Your 2024 Donation Plan

  • Budget - Determine how much money you are able to contribute for the year.

  • Prioritize - Identify which funds align with how you want your money used.

  • Timing - Donate early!

    • Q1 - contribute 50% of your budget

    • Q2 - contribute 25%

    • Q3 - contribute 25%

  • Mobilize friends & family - consider just reaching out to individuals, or hosting a small party, in-person or online. Ping us with questions.

Support Swing States

Want to support candidates and grassroots organizations working in red and purple districts?

  • Force Multiplier supports GOTV organizations and select candidates.

  • Candidates are selected by importance of seat and winnability of race.

  • Goals - Focus on federal level: Win Presidency, win/defend Dem majority in House and Senate

Support Local GOTV Efforts

MVP is a one-stop shop for investing strategically in hundreds of local organizations to win the 2024 elections.

MVP does the research so you don’t have to and streamlines your giving — operating like a “mutual fund for political donations.”

  • They support 500+ GOTV organizations selected via an extensive vetting process

  • Goals - progressive leadership at federal, state and local levels; and holding elected officials accountable after election.

Fund State-Level Majorities

Why? Because they give lawmakers the power to enact policies that improve lives.

  • Donations are put towards state-level races and mobilizing voters around state-level policies.

  • A state legislative campaign usually costs less than 3% of a competitive U.S. Senate race,
    which means your donations go further in state legislative races.

Support Us!

Please consider donating to GAI. Your contributions will help GAI continue to keep you informed, connected and offer a variety of ways to we can impact the 2024 elections and beyond.

April 2024 - There is currently a matching program! Your donation will be doubled by Indivisible National.

GAI is completely volunteer-run. Your donations support the direct costs of things like room rental, bus rental, printer toner, paper, stamps, and our zoom account.

Thank you for your support - no amount is too small.

Submit Your Ideas

About donating in impactful ways, or anything else …

We welcome your input! Please click here to contribute your ideas, or email us at (

Anyone can be an activist. No experience is necessary.

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