Peaceful protests are an extremely powerful way to affect change - join us!

Local Demonstrations

Details for our standard local stand-outs:

  • Where: Shawsheen Square @ the intersection of routes 133 and 28 (GPS: 2 Balmoral Street, Andover)

  • When: As-needed

  • Bring your own sign

  • Masks are optional

  • There is plenty of space, so bring a friend, a dog, a baby in a stroller. Our strength is in our numbers.

We hope to see you there - democracy needs you!!

Rapid Response

When needed, GAI will help organize a local demonstration to support a nationwide show of force for a specific issue.

Some examples of past rapid response events:

  • March for Our Lives event for gun safety

  • Women’s March after the Dobb’s Decision

  • Protect the Results event after the 2020 election

We hope to see you in the streets!


Sometimes GAI will rent a bus to bring our members from Andover to Boston.

We add our numbers to a big, downtown demonstration - and no one has to worry about parking!

Stay tuned for the next time we do this.

Submit Your Ideas

About demonstrations, or anything else …

We welcome your input! Please click here to contribute your ideas, or email us at (

Anyone can be an activist. No experience is necessary.

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