Contact Your Elected Officials

Hold people in office accountable for drafting, passing and enforcing the progressive policies we so desperately need.

No Current Outreach Now

This space will be used to specify urgent issues or bills that require us to contact our Elected Officials.

Federal Level

Why contacting Members of Congress matters:

  • To pressure them to vote for/against key bills.

  • To provide them data to justify their vote - they count the calls and emails their office receives.

  • To express your anger or appreciation about how they are doing their job … to represent us and our communities.

US Capitol Building

Mass State Level

Ways GAI helps you contact your State Legislators:

  • Candidate forums at our Power Hour meetings

  • Phone-banking and email writing campaigns about urgent issues

  • Lobby Days - In-person shows of force on Beacon Hill, timing aligns with voting on key bills

  • Providing information about nearby Office Hours

Local Government

Submit Your Ideas

About elected officials, or anything else …

We welcome your input! Please click here to contribute your ideas, or email us at (

Anyone can be an activist. No experience is necessary.

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